Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Proustian Phenomenon

Last night before bed I lit a white sage incense stick. White sage will always remind me of my darkest time. It reminds me of the pain and heartache I felt days following the loss of Duncan. It also reminds me of the love and support I had around me. Lighting the white sage smudge the first time felt very cleansing. The scent brings back these memories and the emotions I experienced then. Every time I light a smudge or incense stick I feel a wave of emotions and memories wash over me. Sadness, pain, numbness, emptiness, and when the smoke clears I'm left feeling a sense of clarity and optimism. Another scent that transports me back to that time is neroli. When I received a crocheted baby blanket a friend made for me I applied some of my solid neroli perfume to it. Scents are very comforting to me. They're attached to feelings, emotions and memories. Those two scents will always live with me. They're attached to the most life changing event so far in my life.


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