Friday, May 8, 2009

Strange Days

It's late and I'm *really* tired, which isn't normal for me because I usually don't begin to get *really* tired 'til 11:00 pm or later. The fatigue set in this afternoon and started to really show early evening. Fatigue has been my main symptom since about 4 weeks. I have gotten the occasional heartburn, but it isn't a symptom I get everyday. I developed a headache yesterday and later today. What's really interesting is that I kept saying I don't feel pregnant. Aside from the fatigue and now headaches I haven't really had much nausea or queasiness. That is, until, later this evening. The queasiness set in, though subtle, but definitely noticeable. It reminds me of early pregnancy with Duncan. I told Mark I didn't feel pregnant when I was 5 weeks. Then a week later I was hit with fatigue and nausea/queasiness. I wish this headache would go away. I feel very blah. I'm still trying to stay optimistic and hopeful about this pregnancy. I'm also waiting on Mark's call. I hope he calls soon. Off to bed now . . . .


Inanna said...

Sorry about the headache(s) :( And the queasiness. Tiredness is always my biggest symptom in the beginning - nodding off at like 8pm...!

Fireflyforever said...

Hello. I've found your blog :) It's so hard to stay positive mentally, I think in early pregnancy, when physically you're feeling so rough. Add in grief and it's an unpleasant cocktail, I'd imagine but we're all being optimistic and hopeful right alongside you, Brittany. Rooting for you and the tiny one.

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