Sunday, August 9, 2009

Half Way There - 20 weeks!

Woohoo!  Some days it feels as though this pregnancy is flying by.  I hope it continues to feel that way.  I'm beginning to feel more movement now.  I was beginning to grow very impatient about not feeling stronger movement.  I think this is the first time I've had an anterior placenta.  I have "popped" somewhat, but unfortunately I'm still sporting a B belly. :sigh:  I figure I'll start to really show in a couple weeks or so.  My next midwife appt. is on the 27th.  I still need to get the diagnostic scan done.  I've been playing phone tag with the nurse from the doctor's office I called.  I'm still nervous and apprehensive.  Sometimes I worry about his condition wondering if everything is okay.   I just want everything to be okay.  I know I'm going to be so nervous come the ultrasound.  Hopefully everything is shown to be in good working order and I can breathe a sigh of relief.
Today also happens to be Mark's birthday. =)


Shannon Ryan said...

Happy half way point!! YAY!!! I hope it continues to go fast for you.. my pregnancy has zipped by in so many ways... unless I think about how long ago it seems that I took the test! hehe

Fireflyforever said...

Yay for halfway. I hope it continues to go smoothly and quickly. Hope you resolve the timing issues for the scan. I understand your apprehensions but lots of good vibes for it.

Inanna said...

Yay! (And happy belated birthday Mark :)

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