Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gender Preference and . . .

Disappointment. The feelings involved in gender preference and disappointment are very real.

We find out the sex on Saturday, in two days, and I'm SO nervous. Since the beginning of this pregnancy I have kept thinking boy because this pregnancy reminds me so much of my pregnancy with Duncan. I'm getting total boy vibes. My intuition was right with my others, but I'm not so confident now. I've been preparing myself to hear "girl," and as much as I try to be as excited and happy about the prospects of another girl, it's hard. I try to think about the positive aspects of having another girl, but I can't help but yearn for a boy. I wanted a boy with Duncan and I got him, but in the end, I didn't get to keep him. =(

It doesn't help that I think I see a boy nub in the NT scan picture. I don't want to get my hopes up, though. I'd love to experience a mother & son relationship. Just two more days! Ack!


Shannon Ryan said...

I know how you feel! I've always had great inttuition with my babies gender. I just knew this baby was a boy... and then the ultrasound tech said, you've got a little girl! WHA? can you look again?! I felt like I needed another opinion... well I got a couple more.. she's still a girl! After it settled in, I'm really excited! You will be too.. no matter what! :)

Clare said...

We find out on the 30th. I really feel it's a boy this time, I knew Isabel was a girl so who knows if I'm right this time.

I've been a little unsure how I'd feel about a boy as I really want a girl. But I know I'll expect a girl to be Isabel again.

You'll be happy whatever the sex, may take a while to sink in, but the day you take a live baby home from hospital you won't care about the gener.

Samantha said...

I know what you mean. I was convinced I was having a girl and DH and I really wanted a girl, only to find out it was a boy. It took me a couple of weeks to readjust, but now I'm thrilled about our little boy!

Fireflyforever said...

It's one of those things that we, as babylost, feel we have no right too. Gender preference. We're supposed to be completely overtaken with the idea of a healthy baby ... and of course, OF COURSE, we are. But, if anything, gender preference is probably even more acute for us because it's bound up with our grief and our loss and our hopes for our lost child. It's just one of those things where the simplicity of it is gone.

I really hope the US shows a lovely willy!!!

I'm actually posting this two days on so maybe you even KNOW by now. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

i hope you have your answer by now.

i'm not even pregnant yet and i'm already longing for another boy. i know it won't be my matthew but hopefully it will resemble him some. i just want to hold another little boy in my arms.

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